The call signs for CFS appliances are based on the amount of water carried in 1000's litres (approx) and the number of driven wheels. This makes it easy for Incident Controllers or Sector Commanders to determine the capabilities of any fire appliances under their control, or when Strike Teams or Task Forces are required.

There are a number of new appliances designs coming on-line, these are where possible being built up as "dual-cab" appliances. Some of the newest "14" or "quick attack" style appliances are now being fitted with CAFS units (Compressed Air Foam Systems), these units are designed to extend the water capacity with the use of foam.

A brigade name normally precedes the numeric information eg,. Upper Sturt 24 or Burnside 24, at brigade level we may refer to our appliances as just 12 or 24.

There are a number of configerations used by the CFS as detailed below:

Call Sign * Vehicle Type Litres Approx Driven Wheels
12 Urban 1000 2
14 Urban or Rural 1000 4
24 Rural 2000 4
24 Urban/Rural 2000 4
34 Rural 3000 4
34 Urban/Rural 3000 4
Pumper Hydrant Booster, special buildup
Quick Attack Light 4WD 800
&/or CAFS
Tanker Heavy 9000 + 2 or 4
Car Command Vehicle - 2 or 4
Rescue Road Accident Rescue, special buildup
Hazmat Hazardous Materials, special buildup
* Urban appliances carry CABA equipment

Some examples of appliances

12 Dual cab urban

24 rural




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